Pilots and late entry list updated

We have updated our pilot listing and added the late entry list for those pilots opting for a late entry.

In the mean while we are closing the final registration date. If you still want to participate, be sure to register before September 1st.

Soon we will also publish the first officials and the official time table, as we are making the final preparations for our event.

Extended Entry and Late Entry procedure

As all of us are eagerly awaiting the end of the the pandemic and the return to (a new?) normal, we are still feeling confident for the BBT2021 event in October.

However we also understand some participants prefer to make a decision only last minute.

Therefore we have extended the normal registration period till august 31st. As well as a special late entry procedure where you can decide till no later then september 30th.

If you like to take the option of the late entry, please complete your registration details and check the box marking ‘Late Entry’.
Due to legal requirements we have to receive your details before august 31st but if you have selected the Late Entry option you can delay registration payment till september 30th.